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Employability Case Studies

These employability case studies are based on actual experiences and describe and evaluate teaching, learning and assessment approaches adopted at the partner institutions concerned. Links to the case study summaries which outline the focus and scope of the activities can be found below. At the head of each summary is a link to the full case study report.

•From Potential to Achievement: enhancing students’ value to employers.
This case study uses stakeholder feedback on the value of work-based learning to improve student induction procedures for work placement.
•Entrepreneurship in Sport.
This case study explores the links between developing students’ entrepreneurial capabilities and their employability.
•Using PDP to track, audit and evidence employability skills.
This case study focuses on the use of a University Personal Development Planning System and pre-placement workshops designed to develop students’ employability skills.
•Enhancing employability through critical reflective learning.
This case study explores the process of critical storytelling as a means of developing students’ reflective thinking skills as preparation for future employment.
•Developing employability skills through employer engagement in foundation degrees.
This case study evaluates the development of employability skills for students on work-based foundation degrees.
•International Hospitality Students’ development of employability skills in the placement module.
This case study explores employability skills development of postgraduate International Hospitality Management students in a rapidly changing programme context.
•Embedding employability in postgraduate hospitality and tourism courses through work placement.
This case study focuses on the development and integration of a supervised work experience (SWE) placement into postgraduate programmes in hospitality and tourism.•Enhancing Employability through Work-Based Assessment.
This case study examines the use of problem-based assessment, applied in a workplace setting, to enhance students’ employability.
•An evaluation of the role of Personal Development Planning in the delivery and assessment of graduate employability skills.
This case study explores the use of Personal Development Planning as a means of assessing students awareness of, and confidence in, a range of employability skills.
•Employability enhancement for new students approaching a work experience year.
This case study examines how students employability skills are enhanced through preparation for work placement.
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